As it’s British sandwich week (11th-17th May) I thought I’d share my favourite sandwich combination. I first came across this sandwich at a sandwich bar called Porters in Kendal. Years after the owners moved away I still haven’t seen this combination anywhere, which surprises me as the creamy stilton, salty bacon and crisp sweet grapes really work well together.

For this recipe I’m using ciabatta rolls from Lovingly Artisan and smoked bacon from Marsdens butchers, Kendal.

Ingredients (per Snadwich
2 slices or a roll of ciabatta
1 large ration of smoked back bacon
4 slices of stilton
5-6 grapes chopped in half
Black pepper

Lightly toast the ciabatta, you want it to have a slight crunch. Spread the mayonnaise on one side of the ciabatta and then make up the sandwich adding the bacon, stilton and finally the halved grapes. Finish off with a good crack of black pepper.