I’ve been doing this milkshake recipe since I was very small. When I was younger we didn’t have a freezer for quite a few years so there wasn’t any ice cream to make rich milkshakes with, so this recipe which gets its creaminess from mashing the banana is fantastic. Obviously I didn’t have the rum in this milkshake when I was younger but as an adult it’s a nice addition.

Ingredients (serves 2)

2 ripe bananas
300ml of milk
1 tbsp of honey
50ml rum (optional)


Start by placing the bananas on a plate and mashing thoroughly with a fork, you want to turn it into a paste. It might not look appetising but this is key to creating the thick constancy of the milkshake.


Add the mashed bananas to a liquidiser or a large bowl if using a hand blender along with the half of the milk. Pulse the blender and then leave it going for a few seconds until the milk and banana is fully mixed. Add the rest of the milk, honey and rum if using and blend again until all the lumps are gone. Pour into glasses and serve with a straw.