I’ve been going back and forth with whether I would put this recipe on my site, the main reason being that it’s not my recipe. After a lot of debate it’s my favourite recipe I’ve found on the internet and just too good not to mention. It’s by Allegra McEvedy and the original recipe can be found here and I would emplore everyone to try the original recipe and fiddle around with it like I have to suit their own tastes.

Below is a list of alterations that I like to make.

More chorizo
I love chorizo so I use a whole ring for my version, about 225 grams worth.

More chilli
I use another red chilli and cut them up instead of leaving them whole for a more spicier version.

Canned lentils
Instead of dried lentils I use 2 cans of green lentils. Less hassle and just as good. I also like having the lentils a little mushy. You will have to cut down the amount of stock otherwise it will be too watery.

Slow Oven Cook
I prefer to cook in the oven for about an hour at 180C when I’ve added all the ingredients, and its come up to a simmer. I think it adds more flavour to the dish. As I cook it in a large lidded casserole pot it’s quite easy to pop in the oven.

Cook the day before
If I have time I cook the whole recipe from start to finish the day before and then just reheat in the oven for 20 minutes on the day of eating. This gives the flavours even more time to develop. You might have to add a little stock before reheating to stop drying out and burning.