Yes it’s another offal post but this is a cracker and the reason that made me actually like eating kidneys. Ever since cutting them up in a biology lesson when I was 14 I was really put off as you can imagine but after trying them “devilled” about 5 years ago has really got me liking this delicious and cheap cut of meat. My version uses large pig kidneys (1 per person) but you can use the smaller lamb kidneys (2-3 per person) with this recipe without changing anything else.

Ingredients (serves 2)

2 pig kidneys
8 tbsp plain flour
3 tsp cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper
70g butter
2 tbsp English mustard
2tsp tomato sauce
3tsp Worcester sauce
2-6 dashes of Tabasco sauce
75ml double cream

4 slices of toast
Chives to garnish



First of all you have to prepare the kidneys, take one kidney and split with a knife lengthways so you have 2 kidney shaped halves. You should see a white inner to the kidney, you want to get rid of this core so cut around it and throw it away. With the remaining red parts cut into pieces about 2cm thick. Repeat with the other kidney.

In a bowl add the flour, cayenne pepper and season with salt and pepper. Roll the kidney pieces around in the bowl until well covered. Melt the butter in a large deep frying pan over a high heat. When the butter starts to bubble add the kidney pieces and fry for a few minutes stirring occasionally. When the kidney has changed colour on all sides from red to a greyish colour and starting to brown in some places reduce the heat to a medium setting and add the mustard, Tabasco, Worcester sauce, tomato sauce, giving a stir. When the kidneys are coated add the cream and let bubble for a minute or so stirring often. The sauce should thicken after a minute or two. Serve the kidneys on toast with a few snips of chives.