There’s loads of Chinese cook books out there, but quite often they’re based on Hong Kong and Taiwanese cuisine which can be totally different and as authentic Chinese as fortune cookies and the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

Every Grain of Rice is a little different. Written by Fuchsia Dunlop a chef trained in China, being the first westerner to attend at the Sichuan Higher institute of Cuisine, this book is the best resource for authentic Chinese cuisine. Simple but tasty recipes, well instructed and beautifully photographed. Meat does feature in the book but as with Chinese cuisine the vegetable takes a larger role compared to other cookbooks.

The best Chinese spare ribs I’ve ever had are from this book and the everyday chicken stir-fry is not only simple and quick, it tastes fantastic.

I’m not gonna lie the tofu recipes still don’t make tofu the taste revelation I want it to be but maybe I need to explore the different types and not just the “Silken” Tofu you find in most supermarkets.

Take it from me (or my friend that lives and works in China, who as I speak is huddled up in his flat listening to the endless barrage of fireworks that he has become accustomed to at Chinese New Year) that this is the most authentic Chinese cook book available and a great edition to your cooking repertoire.