As a child I loved milkshakes, as an adult I think I like them even more. There are now many recipes on the internet for adult milkshakes or “Hardshakes”, this is one of mine:

Ingredients (makes 500ml)
70ml Bourbon (I used Woodford Reserve)
35ml Toffee Vodka (I used Kin Toffee Vodka)
300g of Vanilla Ice Cream ( I used English Lakes)
100ml Whole Milk

For this recipe you can either use an electric hand blender or liquidiser. Depending on what type of ice cream you use, you might have to take it out of the freezer until it becomes a little soft.

Add the alcohol to large bowl or a liquidiser if using, I just put it all in my large metal milkshake cup. Then add the ice cream followed by the milk. Pulse the liquidiser until smooth or use the hand blender. Serve