The first time I had this cocktail I was a fresh faced eighteen year old in Amsterdam, and like my fresh faced looks my love for this drink remains to this day.

After ordering a “B52”, the barman made the cocktail and then proceeded to light the top of it and pushed the shot glass towards me. Being a sensible young man I just blew out the flame and picked up the shot glass ready to drink it, but before I could the barman whipped the drink out of my hand and re-lit it. He then passed me a straw and gestured that to drink it properly I needed to put the straw to the bottom of the shot glass and drink it in one go. I did and it was great. So here’s how to make one:


Coffee liqueur (I used Illy Liquore but Kahlua is quite traditional)
Bailey’s Irish Cream (or any Irish cream liqueur will do)
Grand Marnier
Overproof Rum (optional)

There are no measurements here as it depends on the size of your shot glass but the main ingredients should be equal thirds.

Shot glass
Bar Spoon
Pourers (Optional)
Small Measuring jug (Optional)
Straw (Optional)
Lighter (Optional)


First off, make the cocktail where or very close to where you intend to serve it. You don’t want to ruin the nice layers by travelling with the drink more than necessary. Take the Coffee liqueur and fill the glass by about a third, as it’s the first layer you don’t need to use the bar spoon.

The next layer is the Irish cream so get the bar spoon and place it so the back of the spoon is facing up as close to the coffee liquor as you can get. Then pour the Irish cream slowly over the back of the spoon so it floats on top of the first layer. To make it easier you can use a small measuring jug or bottle pourers.

The last layer is the trickiest so pour in exactly the same way as you did the second layer but I would recommend a small measuring jug with a small pointy spout. Don’t fill this layer to the brim as it becomes harder to drink as it is meant to be drunk in one shot

You can serve it how it is but to get the full effect light the Grand Marnier and drink in one go with a straw. Make sure you drink it quickly otherwise the straw will melt.

Top Tip: The Grand Marnier can sometime be hard to light so add a teaspoon of overproof rum to the top and light.