Lets face it you can’t walk into your local pub and order a pina colada without getting a few funny looks from your friends or the locals.

So here’s 5 cocktails that will keep your manly facade:

Old Fashioned (Pictured)

50ml whisky
3 dashes Angostura Bitters
Splash of club soda
1 sugar cube
Orange peel
1 mascherano cherry

Glass: Tumbler

A whisky but with the extras
Manly Rating: 8

White Russian

50ml Vodka
50ml Kahlua
50ml Milk

Glass: Tumbler

Probably the least manly cocktail on here but still regarded as “cool” thanks to Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski.
Manly Rating: 7


50ml Campari
50ml Gin
50ml Sweet vermouth

Glass: Tumbler

Bitter and pure alcohol
Manly Rating: 9


1 Pint of larger or beer
Shot of either:
Whisky (makes a boilermaker)
Tequila (Makes a Submarino)
Glass: Pint glass

Drop the whole shot, glass and all into the pint

Basically a beer and a shot.
Manly Rating: 10


50ml rye whisky
25ml sweet vermouth
1 to 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Lemon peel and Maraschino cherry to garnish

Glass: Sometimes served in a martini glass, ask for a tumbler

A favourite of the Mafia
Manly Rating: 8